Scott McCloud (toimetaja) - THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2014 - HMH (USA) 2014

Scott McCloud (toimetaja) - THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2014 - HMH (USA) 2014

Scott McCloud (toimetaja) - The best American comics 2014 - HMH (USA) 2014

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Autor: Scott McCloud (toimetaja) >
Pealkiri: The best American comics 2014
Kirjastus: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, USA
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Tõlkija: -
Kujundaja, illustraator: -
Väljaandmise aeg: 2014
Formaat: ca 19x24 cm, 382 lk., kõva köide
Kaal: ca 1010 g
Seisukord: heas seisus kasutatud raamat

Märkused: Raamat on inglise keeles.

From the Back Cover:

It's been fun watching the stories talk to each other at night, find common ground, share a smoke, hook up in the broom closet - even when their authors arose from wildly different schools of writing and art. -- Scott McCloud, from the Introduction

Featuring Allie Brosh, Charles Burns, R. Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb, C.F., Michael DeForge, Gilbert Hernandez, Aidan Koch, Raina Telgemeier, Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware, and others.

SCOTT MCCLOUD is the award-winning author of Understanding Comics and its sequels, available in over eighteen languages. He's a frequent lecturer and teacher on comics, digital media, and visual communication. His works of fiction include Zot!, Superman Adventures, and the upcoming graphic novel The Sculptor.

BILL KARTALOPOULOS is an internationally recognized comics critic, educator, curator, and editor. He teaches comics history at the School of Visual Arts and has directed programming for events including the MoCCA Arts Festival, SPX: The Small Press Expo, and the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, which he cofounded in 2009.


"Keeps raising the bar for comics as an art form." -- USA Today

"A wide-ranging journey of 35 comics and interstitial text pieces that thoroughly engage the lifetime comics reader and the uninitiated alike...One splendidly eclectic trek, with McCloud as our especially articulate Sherpa." -- The Washington Post

"A gorgeous book that does right by its subject matter...With its smart format and context, 'The Best American Comics 2014' not only manages to unite clashing styles under one roof, it also makes an intimidatingly vast world of gorgeous, often challenging art accessible to a general audience." -- The Denver Post

"This edition may be the best one yet...[McCloud] constructs this collection in an interesting and thoughtful way that makes these excerpts of some of the year’s best comics fit together in a cohesive manner." -- Miami Herald

"If there's one thing Scott McCloud is better at than making comics, it'sexplaining comics, which makes him the best possible editor for this year's Best American Comics. McCloud's volume is surprising, delightful, diverse, brave and endlessly wonderful." -- Boing, Boing

"The Best American Comics 2014 is the best edition of The Best American Comics to ever be published...The best book I've ever read in the whole Best American series. It's informative, funny, surprising, and a satisfying reading experience on its own. This should be the book that every Best American guest editor aspires to emulate in years to come." -- The Stranger

"Whether you want a laugh, intrigue, romance, or just plain weird, there’s something for everyone in this hardcover book." -- The Awesomer

"McCloud could be the medium’s foremost deep thinker...There is much to be gained from his comprehensive embrace of the form and his nuanced, knowledgeable, and friendly essays preceding each of the themed sections...A master class in how to find the universally accessible in the intimately personal and transform images into emotions...Every page drives home the point that, if you can add only one book to your adult graphic-novel collection this year, this has got to be it." -- Booklist, starred review

"The latest annual roundup is more ambitious and conceptually audacious than is usual for any "Best American" series...The spirit of discovery makes this a good launching point for readers interested in the genre's variety and limitless possibility." -- Kirkus

"Ever-essential...the widest-ranging comics collection of its kind...selected pieces are varied and absolutely vital...McCloud’s entertaining and conversational introductions to each section educate and enlighten...offers readers the opportunity to discover new styles and a sense of the range of genres in the graphic novel world." -- Publishers Weekly