Mare Kõiva (toimetaja) - FOLKLORE. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF FOLKLORE 41 - KirMus 2009

Mare Kõiva (toimetaja) - FOLKLORE. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF FOLKLORE 41 - KirMus 2009

Mare Kõiva (toimetaja) - Folklore : Electric Journal of Folklore 41 - KirMus 2009

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Autor: Mare Kõiva (toimetaja)
Pealkiri: Folklore : Electric Journal of Folklore 41
Kirjastus: Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum
Sari: -
Tõlkija: -
Kujundaja, illustraator: Andres Kuperjanov
Väljaandmise aeg: 2009
Formaat: ca 18x25 cm, 248 lk., pehme köide
Kaal: ca 550 g
Seisukord: väga heas seisus vähekasutatud raamat

Märkused: Raamat on inglise keeles.


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Settlement Nenets on the Yamal Peninsula: Who Are They?, Elena V. Liarskaya
Mobile Phone Revolution in the Tundra? Technological Change among Russian Reindeer Nomads, Florian M. Stammler
From Drums to Frying Pans, From Party Membership Card to «Magic Branch» Withe: Three Generations of Nanai Shamans, Tatiana D. Bulgakova
Tibetan Landscapes in Chukotka: The Consumption of Esoteric Mass Production in the Community of Markovo Village, Marina Hakkarainen
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«Bright Future?» The Knowledge, Practices and Strategies of the Young People in a South Siberian Evenki Village, István Sántha
Does Life Make More Sense Now? Young People's Life Projects and the New Feeling of Stability in Russia, Joachim Otto Habeck
A Tale of Two Sisters: Age, Agency and Tradition among the Yugan Khanty, Andrew Wiget, Olga Balalaeva
The Role of Young People in Resistance against the Soviet Rule among the Northern Peoples in the 1930s–1940s, Art Leete
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